terça-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2007

Understanding Women (an utopia)...

"I think they are the films of a woman
And I think that their caracteristic time quality
Is the time quality of a woman
I think the strenght of men
Is their great sense of immediacy
They are a "now" creature
And a woman has strenght to wait
Because she's had to wait
She has to wait nine months for the concept of a child
Time is built in into her body
In the sense of becomingness
And sees everything in the terms of it being
In the stage of becoming
She raises a child knowing not what it is at any moment
But seeing always the person that will become
Her whole life from her very beginning
Now, in any time form this is a very important sense
I think that my films putting as much stress as they do
upon the constant metamorphosis
one image always becoming another
That is, it is what is happening that is important in my films
no what is at any moment
this is a woman time sense..."

Arquivo audio incluído no documentário de Martina Kudlácek onde Maya Deren explica a percepção temporal feminina implícita nos seus filmes. Acho que devia ter visto este documentário há mais tempo, mas antes tarde que nunca...

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Cátia Monteiro disse...

And now it's my turn to ask. Do men always perceive things in terms of imediacy? Really?

Because women also think of men in terms of being enigmatic creatures...

Dissid3nt disse...

Our simplicity is our greatest source of enigmacy :p

Cátia Monteiro disse...

Oh, you're just trying to get me confused..

Anónimo disse...

necessario verificar:)